global change

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Global Dimming

The next Global Challenge, "Global Dimming". If we hadn't already had enough.

World scientists and governments have spent the last 20 years attempting the raise the profile and risks of global warming, only to now find that the efforts to reduce the release of harmful particles, may actually have been assisting slow down the effects of global temperature increases.

For all who were not aware of the latest crisis, "Global Dimming" is the effect where less sun is reaching the earths surface, in fact over the last 30 years by as much as a 30% reduction in regions like Russia. The suggestion has been that this reduction is caused by the pollution we have been pumping upwards, due to the carbon and other dirt particles reflecting some of the lights away from the earths surface.

One noticeable effect has been the reduction in water evaporation. You wonder if this cause reduce the amount of cloud production and of cause irrigation!

To make things worse by reducing pollutants, could in fact increase global warming as we may have got our figures wrong big time around the amount it was likely to increase by.

The question is what to do next. This situation was aired on British television by the BBC on Horizon and I'm sure has created a fair impact to a few, but probably not enough people.
To be fair this has been known by a few scientists for over 10 years, but no-one could believe it due to the fact that less sun didn't go with increased temperatures.

Lets hope enough people out on the web can get this issue morewidely noticed and take steps to do something now!